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The Equipment



requires 2 pieces of Equipment for the precise delivery of our unique Oxygen/Vitamin Complex to the client.

1. The High-Tech, easy to handle OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR
2. Our Magic Wand applicator called THE VITABRUSHER


Our High-Tech OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR is made in the USA.  It's user-friendly, allowing easy and safe handling in any salon setting.  Producing highly concentrated Oxygen from ambient air, the Concentrator is an affordable, safe and convenient way to produce Oxygen.

Our Concentrator does not retain Oxygen when switched OFF.  No Oxygen is ever stored in the machine.


Our Magic Wand - the Vitabrusher!  Technically sophisticated and expertly designed, our Vitabrusher is the only applicator of its kind.  An Oxiana exclusive, this uniquely hand-crafted glass instrument is made in Germany.  When connected to the Concentrator hose, the Vitabrusher delivers a fine microscopic Oxygen/Vitamin mist to the targeted areas of the skin and body for immediate penetration.

The Vitabrusher is glass!  Unlike plastics or metals, it will never oxidize!


The Vitabrusher is now available for all Oxygen Therapy System owners in the U.S.!!!