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I just had an Oxygen facial at the Westin Spa in Maui on vacation and would like to find someone in San Diego County or Orange County using your system.

Please email me a list of names.  I love the coolness of my skin I have Rosacea and this is a must for anyone with Rosacea.  I felt fantastic and 16 hours later, my skin is still cool, pink and not red.

Thanks. Lorrie Jennex

As a child growing up in Florida I lived outdoors.  I tried every lotion available to treat the sunburns I constantly lived with.  My nickname as a child was watermelon because I always had a red face and freckles that looked like the inside of a watermelon.  I can't remember the number of times I had blisters on my nose, cheeks and ears.

As a result of this damage I have been a semi-annual patient of a dermatologist since I was a teenager.  Every visit resulted in damage area and pre- cancers being removed by cauterizing with electricity or liquid nitrogen.  Every visit my face was burned and blistered by the doctor to prevent dangerous cancer from developing.

Several years ago my wife suggested I try a new way of treating the damage on my face.  She suggested I have oxygen and vitamin treatment done by Renate Rowland from Oxicare.  For the first time in many years I have recently left my dermatologist's office with NO treatments to my face.  My arms and back still had damage that was burned off, but my face was clear of all spots needing removal.  I am sure the care provided by Renate has allowed me to enjoy my life without the pain and ugly sores from treatments by my doctor.

Anyone like me who grew up before sun block was available will not find any better solution to the damaged skin they endure than Oxiana.  I know I have tried many cream and treatments and nothing works like the care Renate provides.  The calming and healing is remarkable and long lasting and the detail to which Renate provides her care is very comforting.

Harley Everett - Tampa, Florida

I have been an Oxiana user for many years and have really seen the benefits from its use.  My skin has maintained a very nice texture along with very few wrinkles, even throughout stress, weight gain and loss, and considerable maturity.  The Oxygen and Vitanomes helped replenish, nurture and moisturize my skin and kept it young and vital looking.

I would recommend Oxiana to anyone who wants to keep skin looking young and healthy.

F. D., Tampa, Florida

Hi, I am a 48 year- old sun worshipping female from Florida, with typical sagging skin, expression lines and little fat jowls on my chin.

Having been introduced to Oxiana and its technology, making it possible to penetrate the skin and deposit valuable pure vitamins into the deep layers of my skin, I was thrilled!

I have now had 6 Oxiana treatments in a row and am very excited by the results.  After the first 2 treatments I saw a healthier color.   Then the skin appeared smoother and firmer.

By the 5th treatment, those little jowls where disappearing! Guess what, I now go without foundation! I love it! I will continue my therapy once a month as suggested to keep my new look!

Thanks OxiCare, R. W. / Tampa

I had the pleasure of being under the care of Oxicare for several month now.  I took advantage of the Oxygen Skin Therapy, following my laser surgery.  I felt immediately that my skin benefited from the Vitanomes enhancement program and felt comfortable with the genuine care of my condition and well being.

Especially after my surgery Oxicare continually provided me with information on how to treat my healing skin.

It has been a pleasure being under your care and I am looking forward to dealing with you in the future.

Sincerely, R. C. St. Petersburg, Florida

RE: Oxiana Therapy results after four treatments.

BACKGROUND: I have had surgery nine times for skin cancer.  I decided to try the Oxiana therapy to accelerate the healing and to minimize the scar and tissue damage following my latest surgery.

I had basal cell skin cancer surgery on my upper arm, on a Thursday. The incision site, 2 inches in length across the upper arm, had eight sutures under the skin and ten surface sutures to close the incision.   The large area was inflamed, swollen and very tender.

The following Tuesday I went for Oxiana Skin Therapy.  After the first treatment, the area calmed down considerably and the sore redness no longer looked inflamed.  The results looked promising, but it was too early to tell if they would be long-term.  From experience I know I am a slow healer.

The surface sutures were removed 10 days after the initial surgery.  This activity left the site quite irritated and very tender.  I went for another Oxiana Skin- therapy the next day and noticed a drastic improvement after the treatment.  The overall site calmed down and the skin color became a healthy pink around the immediate incision site.  The skin remained knitted together (it had not spread open as it did so often before).  It looked promising that healing was in progress, and that the scar would be minimal.

Two days later I went for my third treatment.  Wow! The improvement was incredible and lasting.  The healing process obviously had been accelerated!  The incision site had knitted together very tightly and looked like a fine pinkish line across my upper arm.  And, it has been only 2 weeks post- surgery!

Five days later, I went for my fourth Oxiana treatment, Result: the skin now difficult to differentiate from the rest of the upper arm - it just looks like a mildly pink patch of skin with a fine pink line running through it.  It has only been 18 days since the surgery!

I can now say, without hesitation, that the Oxiana Skin Therapy treatment has produced successful results on my skin!  I am certainly extremely pleased with how well and how quickly the tissue healed.  It will be difficult to tell where the skin had been cut open, unless one would be looking to find the area.

I recommend that anyone having surgery, who would want to minimize post-surgery complications on the surgery site, try the Oxiana Skin Therapy.  Once you have tried it, you'll be convinced like me, that the power of Oxygen and the Vitanomes will give the body the food it needs to beautifully heal itself!

R.B. St. Petersburg , Florida

I underwent a facelift which included the mid-facelift, a browlift, a blepharostomy and a chin implant.  Needless to say, I had massive bruising, swelling and sutures.  I was not healing very well from the surgery and additionally I was feeling extremely weak from the bad reaction I had to 6 hours of anesthesia.   Four days after surgery, I began OxiCare treatments including oxygen inhalation.  Immediately upon beginning my treatments, my bruising and swelling began to subside with the use of the combination oxygen and skin vitamins - what an amazing difference.  Additionally, with the oxygen inhalation and its detoxifying benefits, I began to feel healthy and full of energy.  I am now 2 1/2 weeks post surgery and with the use of the Oxiana Vitanomes (no, that's not a typographical error - this is what they call the highly concentrated mixture of liquid vitamins which is sprayed onto the skin along with the oxygen), my skin looks remarkable.  Because the Vitanomes were sprayed directly onto my suture lines both before and after the sutures were removed, there is absolutely NO SCARRING whatsoever.  When I returned to my plastic surgeon for a follow-up visit, he was amazed that I had healed so quickly and looked so good following the extensive surgery he had just performed on my face.  I told him that I had ignored his instructions to avoid a facial of any kind until at least 6 weeks post-surgery and I explained what I had been doing.  I believe he is now going to recommend to all of his patients to immediately begin Oxiana Skin Therapy treatment following facial plastic surgery.  I am extremely grateful to Renate Rowland, the highly talented aesthetician who has guided me through this transformation of my skin.  I am truly fortunate that OxiCare exists and that Renate Rowland has the background, experience and wisdom that she possesses to have turned my experience into such a success story.  I would highly recommend OxiCare to everyone of all skin types.  I told my younger sister to start on this skin care regime and that if she does, she most likely will never have to consider taking the step I did - a facelift.  From this point on, I will follow the recommended once a month facials to maintain my great new skin - I love it!

Pam Talley-Tampa, Florida

I am the owner of a salon in a resort and purchased the Oxiana Skin Therapy machine for the business.  I felt the difference after one (1) facial treatment and began getting facial treatments twice a month.  I am sixty (60) years old and discovered a small lump.  It was cancerous.  I was very fortunate because it was very small and was not in the lymph nodes.  I went through twenty-five (25) treatments of radiation.  My breast was so burned and turned black from the radiation treatments.  Half-way through the radiation, I started Oxiana Skin-Therapy three (3) times per week.  I knew how healing the oxygen is for the face, and it had to help skin from the effects of radiation.  When I returned to my doctor for a follow-up, he was amazed at how I was healing.  I continued the Oxiana treatments until my breast was healed.  You would never know that I had gone through radiation treatments.  My skin is back to normal and I owe it all to the Oxiana Skin Therapy.   I recommend that anyone having my kind of surgery or radiation treatments, try the Oxiana Skin Therapy.

Emma Abrahams, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Vitanomes work miracles!  My story is not a pretty one - but true.  After undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer, my breast was not only scarred, but had no less than forty open lesions from intensive radiation.  I used all of the creams and gels recommended by by my radiation oncologist, as well as all the "miracle cures" which I read about on the Internet.  Nothing worked until I was introduced to Vitanomes, a spray-on skin therapy.  Within days of religiously using Vitanomes, my burns were healed and my scars were diminished.  Today, my breast shows no evidence of surgery or radiation thanks to Vitanomes!

D. H., West Palm Beach, Florida

I'm 55-years old and have had numerous facials through the year, but ALL OF THEM COMBINED don't hold a candle to just one Oxiana skin treatment!  I've never experienced such wonderful results and only after three treatments.  Not only does my skin feel younger and healthier, but I feel better about myself.  I feel glowing - more youthful.  I know I will continue the Oxiana treatment and NEVER go back to ordinary facials.  Thank you Oxiana!

D. Smith, Tampa, Florida

To Whom it may concern:

This is written for my 87 year old mother who, after taking Exelon (an Alzheimer's drug), had sever reaction, appearing to be a third-degree burn.

My mother developed redness and itching on her face, neck, and chest as well as her arms, torso and legs. Soon her skin started swelling and looked laminated while the tissue underneath was bright and inflamed.  Her face, neck, arms and chest were the most severely affected.  Her physician prescribed a cortisone cream.  The effect of the cream was minimal.

A few days later the irritation became unbearable for my mother.   I could not leave her by herself because the affected areas were itching her so badly that when she scratched them it created open wounds and started an infection.

When my mother's hairdresser saw her, she immediately suggested the Oxygen Skin Therapy. We agreed to try the therapy and, amazingly, it instantly soothed the itching and calmed the redness.  The relief held for several hours after the first treatment.

When the effect of the first treatment lessened, the Vitanomes spray from Oxiana helped keep the itching in check and made her condition more bearable.

From that point on, I bought my mother the daily treatments.   After the second treatment, the effect of the soothing therapy kept my mother comfortable longer and the swelling and irritation grew less and less.

It was clearly visible after the fourth treatment that the infection had subsided and the skin was healing.   At that time the therapist began to treat the skin underneath and peeled off the split, hardened, dead skin which literally hung off my mothers face, neck, arms, and chest.

The effect of the Oxygen and Vitanomes treatments kept my mother comfortable for longer and longer periods of time.   The inflammation and itching subsided.  After only nine treatments my 87 year old mother was able to rest comfortably.  Her skin looked healthy and totally free of scars and any irritation.

Every person who cares for an elderly parent, relative, friend or patient can understand how horrible it is to feel so helpless and watch that person in pain.

My gratitude goes beyond words for the European Oxygen Skin Therapy by Oxiana.   I will be forever grateful for the courageous therapist from Oixiana who treated my desperate mother.  I wish that physicians would look into this amazing holistic therapy that can help their patients when common medicine fails.

Gail Lutes